​9 yr old Ambassador Ethan is a visionary and plays a key role in helping the community around him. Ambassador Ethan started helping his community by taking some money his grandmother Ann Cornick left him and bought school supply items and books for his 3rd grade classmates. He bought face masks for nursing homes, schools, and local government offices in our area. He had an idea to give school supplies and books to kids, give out PPE mask for COVID-19 protection as well, as feed the community which gave birth to the Grow & Think reading program, 1 Million Mask and the Blessing Box.

Ambassador Ethan

Grow & Think

Reading program Ambassador Ethan believes the boundaries of our world is expanded by the love of reading. Books gives a respite from struggles and open a window to possibilities here and beyond. Help us get more books into the hands of our children. Literacy can bring us together. WE have a chance to give more kids in our community books, and all the opportunities, joy, hope and connection that literacy affords.

Blessing Box

Blessing Box food distribution is an alternative to discarding surplus food, redirect unspoiled wholesome food for human consumption diverts food waste from landfills, and puts food on the table for families to eat. 

1 Million Mask

​Ambassador Ethan took money he receive from his Grandmother Ann Cornick and bought mask to help those in need during this COVID-19 pandemic experience. Since purchasing his first 3,000 mask he wanted to give mask to everyone in schools, nursing homes, hospitals and local people in his community. His goal is to reach 1 Million Mask.

Ambassador Ethan Projects

"Giving the Gift of Independence through Education, Enrichment, Exposure and Empowerment"

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