Dreams with Open Arms

Halo Hair began 2011 Halo hair project is dedicated to promoting self confidence in appearance by providing comfortable custom wigs, head coverings, and beauty tips to financially disadvantaged children, women and men who are suffering and experiencing negative side effects of natural hair lost and hair lost from medical treatments. 


Passionate Parenting began in 2005 and since its inception have encountered over 500 adolescent parents.
A community support group in schools (support matters) and the community (passionate parenting where mastering motherhood is key) which creates an environment of family and friends dedicated to dealing with adolescent pregnancy & parenting, together. The support group provides educational and social activities for the family and friends of the adolescent parents.


Challenges and Choices Poster and Essay & Let's Talk Video Public Service Announcement began 2009. in 2011 expanded to SC and 2015 NC.

The essay and poster public service announcement program encourages teens ages 11 to 19 to reflect and creatively express their perspective on their experience, challenges and choices regarding teen reproductive health, sexuality and pregnancy.  They will share their viewpoint and advice with peers regarding the choices that will help them live successful and productive lives. Let's talk video public service announcement is focuses on parent - child communication about sex education.
Warming up Atlanta Faith in Music Concert began 2010. A concert night of love and hope for those who have encountered tragic life experiences and those who were determine not to give up.  This concert was created to give to those who were victims of such tragedies (homelessness, shelter living and even domestic violence).  An effort to bring the people of faith closer to our community and to give thanks to God’s for his greatest gift humanity.  Local choirs, duets, soloists and poets from our community will be performing in this powerful and unique experience.



​Warming up Atlanta began 2010. Warming up the Upstate in SC 2015. It’s a drive to collect items for the homeless, shelter living families, teen parents and women of domestic violence we have to drives: Winter drive (blanket, jackets, scarves, gloves, socks & hats) Summer drive (t-shirts, flip flops, sandals, tanks tops and water)

"Giving the Gift of Independence through Education, Enrichment, Exposure and Empowerment"


Step Up & Be Safe Campaign began 2011 Dreams with Open Arms goal is to distribute 250,000 free condoms each year through our BE Safe Campaign.  This campaign helps reduce unintentional pregnancies, the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.  The Be Safe Campaign mobilizes young people across GA to work together to make our state a sexually healthy state. 


​Black Classic Film Series began 2006. Black History Month Classic Film Series will contain classical films that feature African-American actors and actresses.  The selected films contain both social and historical content and relate directly to the struggle of African-Americans in the United States.  In addition, each film showcased had highlight cultural values of African Americans and examine some of the differences that exist between people of color and the general population.